Saturday, November 26, 2005

Again with blaming the gays......(latest Vatican directive)

Article in question:

In Strong Terms, Rome Is to Ban Gays as Priests
Published: November 23, 2005

Hmm...please do note the specific wording of this declaration, as it
seems to specifically ban not only active homosexuals and those
of "deep-seated" tendencies, *but also* those who "support the so-
called 'gay culture.'" Meaning, straight allies aren't safe, and the
Vatican is definitely trying to eradicate all pro-gay/pro-acceptance
influence from the church hierarchy.

Which also means that it's official--gays are being used as
scapegoats for pederasts, when it's been stated time and time again
that pederasty and molestation are not the same thing atall as an
adult homosexual orientation. And's just so *easy* to
blame sexual orientation for this in the popular eye, when really
it's not about sex or gender at all but about control and abuse of
power over others.

Just like in prisons, dare I say, very little of these sexual abuse
scandals had anything to do with whether the priests in question was
attracted to males per se. The one thing we can state for certain is
that they were attracted to the proximity of young persons under
their religious authority, who could be easily manipulated, coerced,
and shamed into keeping quiet. That's not about sex, it's about the
lust of power--and any organization that preaches itself as
infallible and puts individual conscience in the finest of fine print
can be accurately diagnosed as being possessed by the lust of power
itself. And ridding the Roman Catholic Church of gay and open-minded
priests will not exorcise the real sickness that persists at its
bureaucratic heart.

Hmm....scapegoat, know, that reminds me of something
in the Bible....:-?

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