Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Paranoid gold in a gilt-plastic world....

...which may very well be the next subtitle of this blog. I like it, and I think it likes me, and maybe just maybe it'll get me some decent attention for being all witty and such. At any rate, I know that this blog shouldn't be lying fallow, especially when I have so much stuff that I'm posting within my own groups that I need to forward here.

Update: my little news/commentary forum hyperlucidity--the eternal pathology is growing rather well, though I could always use more interested parties to get commentational with. This is a group/list for 'liminal' people who have a vested interest in current affairs and political developments but don't always have the means to cull out the news that applies to them, or to see the lines that show what it implies, where it leads on to, where it looks like things that have happened before. Patterns and history -- pretty important stuff there, no matter what minority is on the bottom or what controversy's on top. This is also where most of my best articles for here tend to come from, after a little expansion and polishing-up.

Also, I'm going to start posting more of my own poetry and fiction selections here, because it ain't much fun to just have me wittily dissecting how the world's falling apart. You might as well have a chance to see how I do think the world ought to be, or at least the more personal side of why it bothers me as it is now. If you like my writing, tell me so, and tell other people too. Even better, help me get it published...you know, I'm not too fond of the idea of sitting off in a near-deserted corner of the Internet prehumously accumulating my posthumous works.

Anyhow...yes, time for a change and time for a lot of updates and regular throwing-in of fresh material. Not trying to please anyone but to satisfy the demands of that impulse which pushes things out from thoughts to page, from one mind to another, just on the off change that something will come of their being brought to light.

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