Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Attention, religioholics (and those oppressed by them)--we're working on a cure....

Which means another of my notorious online groups...>:)   Religioholics Anonymous is opening its doors, to provide those addicted to the mindless worship of their faith with enlightenment as to the nature of reality:

No faith (or anti-faith) has a monopoly on fanaticism and atrocities and crimes against humanity; no faith is immune from the consequences of thinking itself above all others and justified in forcing its ways on all.

Here's what we got..........


[From the Latin religio, to bind together, + common suffix -holic, cf. alcoholic, addicted to alcohol--hence, those who are addicted to the pursuit of binding everyone together by hook or by crook, by force, deceit or constant mental/emotional pressure, in the belief that their own religion or philosophy is the sole absolute truth and thus ought to be made universal and enforced as such. A common mental disease, manifested in both violent and covertly manipulative forms. See also chronic proselytizers, zealots, fundamentalists, fanatics, and orthodoxy(esp. as opp. to heterodoxy)]

Recovery from religioholism is a long and often harrowing process of detachment from trying to dictate other people's lives and personal practise. The most severe cases, to be honest, either never recover atall or at most switch their allegiance to another absolutist structure of faith, whether theistic or atheistic, that must support them by claiming to be all-encompassing and infallible. Such people are never content with their own beliefs and values as lived by themselves, but demand that their whole families, communities, nations and even the whole world must follow the same way under penalty of censure, punishment, death and/or damnation.

O people of stiff necks and rigid doctrines, know that thine ancestral enemy thinks and acts and commits against others by even the same methods as thou...and therefore I ask thee, how art thou so very special in thy faith?

Let's explore a bit, shall we?

This is going to be rather like 'stupid human tricks'....posting news and discussion of the ideological idiocy that people descend to once they think their creed in superior to everyone else's and ought to be in control. It's tragic. It's age-old and ongoing. But day by day, mind by mind and soul by soul, we can work together for a cure. 


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