Thursday, October 19, 2006

Fairness Doctrine and no hate speech?--how anti-Christian!! [AFA fwd]

Friends, this is a very important crisis facing our rightfully-theocratic culture that was ordained by GOD to be a leader and ruler to all nations....if you don't stand up now and show your support for a strictly-fundamentalist and Christian Christianity as our official moral structure, naked blazing-eyed and foaming-mouthed rabid demons of unspeakable perversion will automatically enter in to take the place of our Dear Lord and Saviour.

There can be no compromise with the forces of secular humanism, no middle ground, no common values with those who are determined to turn our beloved America into a perpetual orgy of unbridled indecency, heresy, pluralistic social mandates and carnal instincts. There are those who would condemn us as "narrow-minded" for exercising our duty to speak out against fornicators, somdomites and baby-killing harlots, but we will not be deprived of our right and obligation to judge the nation and all within it by our standards, and force them with love to the one true and delightsome narrow path of righteousness.....

(Are you wanting to strangle me yet? I'm sure that some of you who know me are likely finding the ironing delicious, even though the message of outraged judgementalism reeks of both bile and gall (yes, I know they're synonyms). Oh, and choler as well. :P

At any rate, do take this piece of hijacked fundy-mail below to heart, and VOTE in November. Remember, they're full of passionate intensity -- even if they're bass-ackwards perverted in their haids -- and a bunch of determined fanatics will always prevail against rational souls who do nothing. So do something to try and fix that, 'kay?)


AFA ActionAlert <> wrote:

From: "AFA ActionAlert" <>
To: K. Aurencz Zethmayr <>
Subject: What if the Liberals Win in November?
Date: Wed, 11 Oct 2006 17:59:00 -0500

Donald E. Wildmon
Founder and Chairman
October 11, 2006

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What if the Liberals Win in November?

Dear K.,

How important are the upcoming elections? Extremely important! Below is a list of what we can expect if the liberals win. These elections are crucial. It is vitally important that you vote. Please vote and encourage others to do the same. As bad as things are, they will be infinitely worse if the liberals win. The strategy of the liberals is to get Values Voters so disgusted and discouraged that they will not vote. If that happens, the liberals will have achieved their goal and they will be running our country. Here is what we can expect if the liberals win:

* Amnesty for 12,000,000 illegal immigrants.

* A push to make homosexual marriage and polygamy legal in all 50 states.

* Only liberal judges will be appointed. They will create laws to implement the social agenda liberals cannot get passed through the legislative process.

* Liberals will make the killing of the unborn more difficult to stop.

* Liberals will continue to try to rid our society of Christian influence, including any reference to God in our Pledge and on our currency.

* A return to the "Fairness Doctrine" in broadcasting where opposing views must be given equal time. Every conservative talk show host will be forced to give a liberal equal time on every issue. The purpose of this rule will be to shut down conservative talk shows.

* An increase in taxes to push new social programs.

* Passing a new "hate crimes" law making it illegal to refer to homosexuality in a negative manner.

* Liberals will give terrorists from other countries who try to kill Americans the same rights American citizens enjoy under our constitution.

* We will withdraw from Iraq, sending the message to the terrorists that if they will just be patient they can win and bring their terrorist acts to the U.S.

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Donald E. Wildmon, Founder and Chairman
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