Thursday, July 14, 2005

If you think that made no sense...(assuming you traced it)

...then what else is new in this world? I'm rather used to having people not get what I mean, and even more so when it builds off the elaborations of cerebral duality.

Nonetheless, I'll maintain that it does have truth, even though of course I can demand no recognition of the fact. I try very hard to keep fact and fiction distinct -- not always segregated, but clear at least. Hyperlucidity is one of the places I try to deal more with the "real" world as the issue, even though some of the things inside may seem weird to a stranger's reading. Others may seem too mundane, straight repostings from the daily news -- so what's my motive, what's the purpose here?--I mean, there, or anywhere I try to explain?

It's not the same as Pravda, at least--though, how can you not love Pravda (at least for the reading of it)?--the firm credulosity, the determined weaving of observation and science and folklore into one proudly authoritative breathes new life into the meaning of the word "superstition." No, I am not Pravda -- though, this is not to say that I make no claim to truth (in-joke, that's what "pravda" means). It just takes going about it in a different fashion, more dissection with less conclusion. I'd rather suggest lines of thought than lay them down firmly in every detail, and though I can certainly write a manifesto or a catechism doesn't mean I have any present use for doing so. I'm mainly just trying to - make people think.

Of course, for some people that's an unbearable torture. Those people never last long with the kind of conversations I tend to get into (not bragging, just saying...) -- they haven't enough mental foliage to comprehend the canopy nor the marshy undergrowth in mine -- nor do they have the woodscraft to penetrate into the heart of the forest. Best to lose them at the gate lest they get into trouble.

But, if this intrigues you rather than confuses altogether, maybe you ought to come in a bit deeper into the jungle, off the beaten path. It's more dappled in here, but you can see the roots much more easily, and multiple strands and limbs and tendrils...connections are closer, though tangled, and you run across more at a time.

But all that's just a sheer metaphorical ramble. Suffice it to say, I have a (fairly new) new group where I talk about things that connect to the outside world, but (intendedly) geared to address concerns closer and more relative to us -- and who "us" is, as a matter of fact, a rather interesting and controversial topic.

Which, again, I think I'll refrain from spelling out too clearly right now....

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