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"Post-Modern Evolution" (the foundational proposal)

Original Date: Fri Jun 3, 2005 5:42 am

"Post-Modern Evolution"

by K. Aurencz Zethmayr / posted June 3, 2005 at my LJ blog and thence to hyperlucidity

[If the content of this bothers or offends you, then go away and forget about it--though I warn you that your belief or skepticism will have no effect on the validity of these concepts, or on their operation in the world and people around you. Those who do not believe in evolution are condemned to...well, become extinct...>:)]

My newest theory, and one that ties into everything subcultural as well...not to mention providing that direct reason why we're logically in the direct firing line of the Religious Right.

Post-modern evolution--or, to spell it out, having arrived at a point in the human species' evolution where it is experimenting and exploring at an unprecedented pace. And, in that process, exploring and revisiting all that has come before--including things not even in its own direct genetic lineage.

Before birth, a human fetus recapitulates every stage of evolution that has led to this shape, from gills to a tail. Now, we're doing something even more creative, and which has vast implications for the range and diversity and interconnectedness of all life itself. We're finding inside ourselves that which may have never existed on this planet or plane, but which is still "part of us"...we're consciously living as territorial and feral entities, whether creating new packs and clans or moving as loners through the world....we're learning more and more that there are myriad forms of energy sustenance besides just caloric intake, and that some of us need that in high and specialized degree.

And that's not even taking into account anything distinctly "spiritual", though I think I can say that a great many of us, the more sensitive ones at least, suffer greatly from a sense of alienation from the normal round of human society, its priorities, even its developed emotions themselves. Whether we feel as angels above it, or as therians and fae indifferent to its shiftings--or as empathic vampires all too tangibly aware from the outside of that which we somehow cannot completely share ourselves...these are only hypothetical perspectives, feel free to add on--there is a sense of being essentially different, and of that difference causing pain because there is no sense of a place in the world for us--hardly even a way to express the anomie of knowing you're "abnormal" in such a way that cannot be medicated away (though there's always other things to drug for), cannot be simply persuaded out of, converted away from, swept under the rug of conformity and the expected course of things.

Even those closest to us, sometimes, though genetics don't happen purely out of the blue...they do not know who we are, what we are--how on earth can they help and ease the growing pains, when they know so little, and when we ourselves have (I speak in general) far more a tendency towards rules than reasons, towards clan ideologies rather than continued searching--and moreover, so little a sense of destiny overall. The only ones who speak pervasively of destiny are the Starseed, Indigo, Crystal demographics...and bluntly speaking, a lot of it comes off as wishful sci-fi crap, just as much as Scientology--and written by regular New Age human adults (female of course, though no offense intended) who think we all oughta worship the little enlightened genii who'll show us the way.

But I'm an Indigo myself, by the way--one of the older ones, whose mission is to try to cut the crap and translate to people what's really going on in a practical way, to lead them clearly. As a matter of fact, I know very clearly that's my task, as it was told to me. And I have very little illusion about that being a glamourous or even well-respected role--I'm a bit of a rebel gadfly of a cerebral leader, more goading than dictating, more outside than inside even when I'm in the middle of things. But I can see the whole picture--and no one else seems to have done that yet.

Anyhow, we're the waves of the future gathering, in a world that's not ready to grow. What is that gonna mean?--a whole lotta repression and suspicion (especially here in the U.S.), a lotta chafing against the status quo and its patterns, a lotta going underground, so to speak--catacombing, communing, creating our alternative families and support systems as best we can. It's been done before, after all--and not to sound too :uber-psychic, but I've been hooked on that theme for years, and it's always been my ideal to gather that way, though never forcing too hard upon the needs of solitude.

So...those are the lines I'm thinking along, together with greater advocacy in the areas of education, social identity (gender, sexual orientation, religion), and basic civil rights altogether, particularly by those who are articulate enough to be taken seriously by all. It's not even a matter of intelligence so much as clear and well-mastered communication, something that a lot of the right-brain dominants among us (and I think most of us likely are either close-to-the-middle, balanced, or right-brain dominant) just haven't got as a useful habit, not when it comes to trying to reason with the outside world.

Anyhow...that's the start of my manifesto-manifestation. More to come.

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